Souvenir of Choice - Hotel Notepads

Hotel Notepads Travel and exploring the world is in my DNA. That sense of wanderlust is always buzzing just below the surface and when it begins percolating I crave adventure.

Yesterday, it kicked into high gear and for now I'll have to settle for the magical circus that will be SXSW next weekend.

This morning I decided to go through some of my travel memories by looking at my hotel notepads.

You heard me right! Hotel notepad are my souvenir of choice when I travel.

From the cheapest of roadside motels, to the tallest of five star hotels they almost always have a small notepad in the room.

Most people probably never even give them a second look, but I love to snag them to bring home with me. I'll use them to jot down notes during my travels and to make to do lists at home.

Plus, one quick look at them and they transport you back to memories of being there. Looking at them this morning I remembered finding soup in Las Vegas when I was sick, watching the sun rise over the Mediterranean walking along the beach in Spain and spending quality time with a friend at a dive bar in Kentucky.

These simple stacks of paper with a logo and address on them serve as a time machine. Instantly transporting me back through all of my adventures.