A Day At the Beach

A Day At the Beach


I'm a busy man. I'm in the finishing stages of my newest book, I filed paperwork for a new company last week, there are several different projects I'm working to pull together and I've got my loving family to care for.

But, in the middle of all this chaos and tasks list, I make sure that I don't forget the importance of the quiet moments that no one talks about and less people seem to be taking these days.

Those moments where you walk away from everything and you let your brain relax, stretch and take in the world around you.

Tuesday night I was in Carpinteria, California. I had spent the entire day in a film studio and I was out of energy. I drove down to the beach and after grabbing a burger from The Spot, I began walking.

The sky was a beautiful fire of pinks as the sun began to set below the horizon. There were a few photographers getting their shots, kids fishing and locals kicked back on their decks enjoying the cool evening breeze.

I took this snapshot and continued to walk along the beach. No purpose, goal or reason. I wanted to unwind after a long day and take the moment in.

Planning the future while watching the sun set

When you let your brain go is when it comes up with some of the best ideas.

I wasn't thinking about anything I was working on, but of course my mind didn't forget the list and little ideas would pop up. I wasn't focusing on any one thing, so it was up to my mind to figure out what it wanted to focus on at the moment. I was focused on the lapping of the waves and the squawk of hungry seagulls.

Yesterday, was the last weekend of summer vacation for the kids and we spent it on Good Harbor Beach. I played more in the ocean than I had in years. I laid on our blanket and took in the heat of the sun and the random conversations around me. I took some photos with my phone, but the idea of checking anything was not going to happen on this day.

We are all busy. We all have a never ending list of things we have to get done. But, we are all not doing is taking enough quiet moments for ourselves.

Sure, we can't all go to the beach every day, but what else can you do that will let you unplug and your mind to wander? Go for a walk, hit the gym or lay out on the grass in a local park. You'd be amazed where your mind might go and it is good for your soul as well.

I'm not sure when the next time I'll be back to the beach, but I'm so glad I took the time to enjoy it while I was there.

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