Content Marketing World Rocked

Last week, I found myself in Columbus, Ohio taking part in Content Marketing World.

When in your second year as a conference and you have a thousand attendees and some of the best speakers in the industry, you know you are doing something right. Add in a concert from Rick Springfield, the opening keynote from Mitch Joel and a closing talk with animals from Jack Hannah and you've got a great time.

I was asked to give a presentation focused on small business and how they can smartly start using content marketing. It is always fun to get back to basics and that is exactly what I did with my time on the stage. There is a great write up of my talk here and my slide deck can be seen below.

As with any event, some of the best memories come from the little moments of hallway magic and time spent outside of the event. This is especially true when you end up in a food coma after a great meal at Schmidt's Sausage House.

Somehow in all of my travels I had never met Mark Schaefer in person, but thankfully we finally have. He even interviewed me after my presentation to talk about content, but also about my new book.

Attending the first two years of a conference is always interesting. You could feel that many of the attendees had a better understanding of the topic, but were still seeking answers. There was so many information packed sessions from great speakers that I don't know how the organizers pull it off. Joe Pulizzi and team did an amazing job and I can't wait to see how they raise the bar even higher next year.

Content Rules, but Content Marketing World rocked! :)