Wednesday Morning in America

Wednesday Morning in America


Dear America,

Wednesday morning we are all hopefully going to wake up with the announcement of our president for the next four years.

No matter who wins, there will be many upset people. Emotions will be high and low to the extremes and keep that in mind with every interaction you have throughout the day.

Whoever wins there is one thing that should be clear to every citizen out there and that is we've got a lot of work to do.

America is a great country, but over the years of my adult life I've watched us lose some of what makes us great. It isn't gone, it is hidden in the shadows and buried under many problems. There is no simple solution to bringing it all back and the only way we are ever going to return to where we need to be is by working together rather than against each other.

Crunch the numbers, review the stacks of paper, pass laws, make changes or give speeches. All of it goes together to eventually and hopefully making things better.

I don't have the solutions, but I know this you vs. me mentality that our government and citizens seem to have adopted is not the answer.

Red vs. Blue might be fun in video games, but it fails in real life.

So, as we all wake up on Wednesday morning after we've each taken the time to cast our ballots, I hope that things can start moving back towards a more civil and cooperative country.

I grew up in small town New Hampshire and I know what it means to help your neighbor. Recent events have us focused on helping those effected by a horrible storm, but why couldn't we all help each other out before that? It wasn't like we didn't have people living without power, heat or enough food. We always have those problems and yet it takes a horrible event to have us give our time and money to assist. Every single day, we have fellow Americans who are suffering with the reality of their worlds. We must remember to help them all out.

People are out of work. Our kids are not getting the education they need. Sick people are struggling to afford the care they need. Soldiers are coming home after years at war protecting our values and need our support on multiple levels.

On Wednesday morning in America we've got work to do. Each of us may not feel like there is anything we can do, but this country is ours. We each must hold those we elect accountable and insure that they have our best interests at heart. If something feels wrong, get up and make it better. See someone that needs help and you have the skills to assist, do it.

We shouldn't care which side of the aisle we are, what higher power we choose to worship or who we choose to love. We are Americans and together is the only way we'll thrive and survive.

The venom of this campaign season is deep rooted and won't be out of our systems for a while. But you, yes you reading this, can do your part to start making things better.

As the sun rises on our country again, let us all take a few moments to think about how we can improve first our local community and then wider and wider. Eventually as we all start working together rather than against each other amazing things will happen.

I'm proud to live in these United States of America and I hope you feel the same way.

There is a long road ahead filled with a lot of work. Nothing is going to be handed to us, so we must work as one to make it all happen.

Let me know how I can help you.


C.C. Chapman


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