Dylan's First Lacrosse Game

Today was the first ever lacrosse game for Dylan and I have to say that I'm not sure who had more fun, him or us. What a fun game and I'm psyched that he seems to be really into it and I hope he sticks with it. I took this picture before the game of him and his buddy Jack from across the street. They both played extra hard and had a good time.

Jack & Dylan Ready For Their First Game

I've known that sports photography is not something I really enjoy doing, but something was different about today and I took a lot of photos. Full set here.

Next game I'm going to actually bring my telephoto lens and see what I think. Today I'll be deleting more then I keep I'm sure since I only had my 24-105 lens on the camera. Who knows, maybe I'll finally have a reason to rent a lens and give a monster lens a try.

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