Diner Love

Diners are my happy spot.

The coffee is never great. The eggs always a gamble.

But, I'll take an order of homemade hash and eggs over a five-star tasting menu any day.

This morning the conversation was about prom, work and our plans for the weekend.

There was grilled cornbread, crispy bacon and overheard local gossip around a disgraced teacher.

Diners are where a community comes together.

Whenever I travel, I love to sit quietly in a corner and take it all in. Listen to the voices of the locals and what is on their mind.

My dream book to write is a travel story of my wife and I driving around the country and visiting diners and talking to the locals. The stories I'd find and the yumminess I'd devour I believe would make for good reading.

This idea was the spark of my NaNoWriMo idea last year. It evolved into something different, but that is how it started.

I could write forever about my love of diners, but it is time to head out the door and watch Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Make it a great day.