True Adventures Are Rarely Planned

True Adventures Are Rarely Planned

true-adventures Thirteen years ago I typed out the first post for this blog. It was random, rambling and about the events of the recent past. Sounds pretty much like any other post around here.

Looking back, I could never imagine that writing would take me around the world, have me work on amazing projects and meet some of the best humans on the planet.

While there might have been a plan at some point, I could have never planned for the adventure I continue to be on.

The more people I talk to, the more I realize they expect to be able to plan everything out and have it go perfectly according to plan. Yes, that is possible, but it certainly isn't adventurous.

When I go camping, I know I've got the gear and a map of where we are going, but the truly rememberable moments are the ones that at the time angered, upset or pushed us. We look back now and tell the stories with big smiles on our faces and people shake their heads wondering how we made it through.

The great adventure stories don't tell the tale of the woman who sat by the beach in a chair sipping a cold drink. They celebrate those who jump in an airplane and fly around the world!

The photo above was taken on Route 15 in Pennsylvania as we rolled down the road on a weekend micro-adventure.

Seeing my tattoo in the mirror made me smile and as the miles rolled by I pondered this idea.

The morning had not gone as we hoped and on an impulse I pulled us off the road to visit a farmstand we had seen signs for. Something felt right about swinging by and seeing what it was all about.

We found ourselves chatting with David Young who I'd later find our are known as The Lion Potter of Gettysburg.

We talked about the writings of John Eldredge, raising sons and he introduced me to sugar plums.

As we waved goodbye, I promised to send him a copy of Amazing Things Will Happen and we left with fresh fruit and a beautiful hand thrown bowl he had made.

The miles rolled away. This little adventure could have never been planned for, but it stuck with me as the miles and hours rolled away.

A chance encounter with a man that thousands of people drive by every year and will never meet, but a random left turn brought me to him.

Stop trying to plan for your adventures. Trust your gut and take that turn, write that post or take that photo.

Say yes when it scares you a bit.

Today, the world finds itself in the second half of 2015.

Looking at the months ahead I have the crazy adventures of ITS Muster and a Boston to The Netherlands to Sun City, Arizona during Thanksgiving on my calendar. I'm sure there will be other bits of adventure that I have no idea about yet that will arise and I can't wait.

Not knowing what lies ahead is scary. But, for some of us it is exciting at the same time.

Those moments when your insides are tied into knots with the mix of could be, what if and am I going to be ok.

You can be an adrenaline junkie, but I prefer to be an adventure seeker.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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