Doing Nothing is Ok

roxie-doing-nothing Memorial Day Weekend in America.

A long weekend full of backyard barbecues, parades and remembering those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.

Lots of people spend it at the beach or with big gatherings of people.

We opted for a quiet weekend around the house and that is ok.

Today, it feels like you have to be busy all the time and show off your busy to the world via your social media profiles. If you were to look at any feed you pay attention to, I'd bet money that there are people wearing their busy like a badge of honor.

There is nothing wrong with doing nothing. You can mow the lawn and then kick back to watch a lacrosse championship with a beer. You can catch up on your magazine reading while your wife works on her school work. You can check in to see what your friends are sharing online and not share anything back.

There is this constant need that some people feel to never be off. To never step away from a screen and enjoy the life around them.

The pull to like, share and retweet constantly fills so many people, every single day. As if the idea of not sharing a link every four hours would make your life less complete somehow.

Doing nothing is ok and the sooner you embrace that, the happier you will be.

I've been thinking a lot about the traits and habits that people who live a content life possess. Being comfortable with idling well is definitely one of them.

What are you doing today? What are your plans for the weekend? How much of what you do will you feel compelled to share for no other reason than you feel like you have to?

Life is a series of experiences. Sharing the truly amazing ones right along side the simple ones does make our lives better. None of us will ever be able to experience everything this big blue marble offers, so experiencing even a slice of it through a friends photos and words is better than nothing.

But, never feel that you must do anything or share anything. You are the one pushing the buttons and you get to decide every time you do it.

Looking at my calendar for the day, I've got nothing on it. My daughter has dance tonight, but besides that it is a blank slate. I plan on filling it with a variety of things, but what they are and what I do is up to me. You may see some of it. I happen to share plenty of my daily this and that.

Embrace the nothing. You'll be happier because of it.