Weeks Are Rarely Simple

Weeks Are Rarely Simple

The heat of summer has rolled in. My least favorite time of year and one that I don't mind rolling past as quickly as possible. Last week was one full of emotional swings.

It started on Sunday with Dylan graduating from high school. It wasn't as emotional as I was expecting it to be. We are so proud of him and what comes next in his life.

I'm a Blessed Man

It'll hurt to see him go, but knowing that he is starting the next phase of his life excites me. Plus, that next phase starts with a cross-country road trip. I can't wait for that!

The end of the week had me crashing into a wall of frustration thanks to the less-than-fine folks at Hootsuite. I'm not going to go into all the details since it is still not resolved, but long story short is that after years as a happy paying customer, they'll never see another dime of my money again.

The perfect way to get rid of that stress arrived Friday night though when Dylan and I took part in GORUCK Constellation #008.

Nothing like spending a night learning about and putting into practice urban survival techniques to clear your head.

In the middle of all this, I continue to love the work I'm doing with the National Council of Teachers of English. They are a great team to work with and I love working on projects that matter to the greater good of our country rather than only be angered by the situation surrounding us.

Plus, I published the latest episode of the Why I Write podcast I produce for them. If you need a pick me up, I suggest you listen to this episode with Brad Montague of Kid President fame.

All in all, I have to say it was a good week. I'm vertical and not sick, so that is a good week in my book.

This week is starting off quieter than the last. Last days of the school year on deck for Emily and then it will officially be summertime around the Chapman household.