Morning Reflections From GORUCK

Morning Reflections From GORUCK

The whirl of ceiling fans mixed with the crashing of waves and the pit-pat of Monster's wagging tail are the soundtrack of my morning. The sun in rising over the ocean and the coffee has just finished brewing.


Sitting here in the GORUCK team house, I can't help but smile.

I'm in town doing some work with them to capture and share the story of who they are as a company and where they are going.

After years of owning their gear and being a fan of all that they do, it is a bit surreal to be sitting here looking out at the beach and thinking about the interviews I will be capturing over the next couple of days.

Meeting the team yesterday and walking around the headquarters was fun.

GORUCK Patch Display

The display of custom patches made me smile and seeing all the dog toys, custom benches and massive chalk board wall reminded me how important the culture and team is when you are building something from the ground up and want to keep it growing and going.

It truly is a statement to how companies should be built no matter what the industry is.

Talking shop with Jason yesterday about the business, hard decisions and making it all work it reminded me how much I miss those things. I miss having a great team working towards a goal.

Quiet mornings are my favorite time to plot and plan. Today is certainly turning into one of those mornings.

Thinking about the next few days, I know they are going to be exciting and I can't wait to capture the conversations and pull this story together.




Summer Full of Visits

Summer Full of Visits