GR1 in the waves This week has been an interesting one as I've been surrounded by beach and sun in Jacksonville, Florida.

I was hired by GORUCK (affiliate link) to do some storytelling work for them and finally got to meet more of the team that I've been a fan of for a number of years.

Sitting down on camera with several of the team and hanging out with them off hours was straight up awesome.

Filming at GORUCK HQ

Filming Jason at GORUCK HQ

Talking about new products, where the company is headed and life all mixed and mingled into each conversation.

I have a new found appreciation for flip-flops and who knew an ice cold Bud Heavy could taste good?

Bud Heavy

GORUCK Team House

One night we kicked back on the deck and watched Mother Nature give us a light show with lightning and clouds. It was pretty damn cool.

Plus, there was the always close Monster. Is it possible for a five month old lab puppy to not be completely adorable? He certainly is an important part of the team and family and I'm glad I got to meet him.

Reflections of Monster

Monster - Extreme Close Up

I'm writing this from the plane and I know that tomorrow will be a full day of logging the footage we shot and starting to plan out the edit of the videos. It will be an exciting challenge.

If you are not familiar with GORUCK, they are a brand that is building better Americans. They make the backpacks I've traveled the world with and produce some of the most challenging team building events on the planet.

Always Look Cool

Behind the scenes of a GORUCK photo shoot

The goal of the work we did this week is so that more people can learn about them and be inspired to find out more. Until those are released, head on over to GORUCK.com and you can learn plenty.

Thank you Jason, Andy, Jack, Kit, Brett and the rest of the team for making me feel welcomed and for bringing me on board. I'm looking forward to many more years of having fun together.

When Kids Get Their First Smartphones

When Kids Get Their First Smartphones

Morning Reflections From GORUCK

Morning Reflections From GORUCK