Our Family Depends on Verizon Fios

Our Family Depends on Verizon Fios

I've worked remotely for more years than I've commuted to an office.

If my Internet connection is slow or unstable, I can't get the work done that I need to.

The moment Verizon Fios came into my neighborhood I immediately signed up. I had done some marketing work for them early on and knew how good they were. I raved about it to my neighbors and soon everyone was signing up.

Check to see if Fios is available in your neighborhood.

Today, the internet is more important than cable or telephone. Outside of sports and the local news, my DVR is more important than flipping through the channel guide.

The sun is barely up, my family is still asleep and still, FiOS is being used. Our security cameras are streaming to the cloud, a photo backup is running on my computer and my iPad is downloading app updates.

On any given workday this summer it will be put to the test.

My son will be playing on the XBox while streaming a podcast to his phone. My daughter's room will be filled with her latest Apple Music playlist coming through her Sonos, while she kicks back on her laptop streaming Netflix.

All this will be going on while my wife sits in the sunroom taking an online class while listening to a Sonos there.

This will all be taking place and I'll have no worries about the Zoom video conference call I need to have while running a photo backup to the cloud.

As you can see, Fios has become invisible but needed by my family.

Recently, for the first time in forever, there was an issue. I hadn't noticed it yet, but the kids were both having a hard time streaming and my son kept complaining about lag in his League of Legends game.

"Reboot the router," I explained to them.

The blank stares reminded me that it had been quite some time since we ran into any issue, so they were not sure what I was talking about.

Our Fios router sits in my office. Unplug it, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in. A couple of minutes later everything was back to blazing fast speeds.

Not sure what happened, but with a fix so easy I didn't dwell on it long.

Today's families are connected more than ever. As people begin to add Google Home and similar devices to their homes, the importance of reliable connections will become even more important.

I know that because of me, my family may be more connected than some, but we are far from the outliers that we use to be.

How important is your family's home internet connection?

Disclosure - I am a member of a Verizon #BostonFios influencer team. We are compensated for our thoughts and shares in a variety of ways. All words and opinions are strictly my own. Those are never for sale (unless you've got a really big checkbook). If you have questions or concerns, let me know.  

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