The Television Shows Our Family is Currently Watching

The Television Shows Our Family is Currently Watching

While the high-speed Internet is the main reason I have always loved Verizon FiOS, I also love having it for all the great television programs we get to watch. As a member of the #LifeonFiOS Influencer Team, we were all upgraded to the latest hardware and user accounts for free. In return, I agree to share my honest thoughts on how me and my family use technology.

Television continues to push forward with cool and original programming. Yes, there are still plenty of stupid sitcoms and reality television programs popping up all the time, but there is also a constant new crop of shows that feature amazing writing, beautiful cinematography and great acting.


Last year I saw some of my favorite shows end. Sons of Anarchy went out in style. Boardwalk Empire ended as I expected. The Newsroom decided it would end almost the same as it started. True Blood decided it wanted to go out with one of the worst endings ever.

With the huge 200 hours of storage space we now have on our DVR, what are we filling it up with these days?

As a family there are several shows that we love to watch together.

We laugh consistently with Last Man Standing and Modern Family, have the tissues ready as Parenthood comes to an end and get hungry watching Masterchef. We've also started enjoying Tiny House Nation and the rest of the family is addicted the acronym shows of NCIS and CSI.


My wife and I have begun watching Togetherness, but so far can't figure out if we like it or hate it. We haven't given up on it yet, but since we just passed the three episode test we'll give any show, it might not make it too much further.

My son and I have become hooked on Scorpion and Gotham. We were both unsure of these shows at the beginning of the season, but decided to give them a try. He loves Scorpion and is always eager to watch the newest episodes. For me, Gotham is the most stylish show on television right now. We are also eager for the return of The Black List after the Super Bowl this weekend.


While it may confuse some, we still record NBC Nightly News and watch it every night after we are done with dinner. We are also big fans of CBS Sunday Morning.

A personal favorite of mine, Justified, just began its final season. I love that this is a show that so many people still don't know about and the characters and plots are always fun and entertaining.

The other day at the movies they showed a sneak preview of the new season of Vikings and I went nuts. My family had never heard of the show and were a bit surprised I was so excited by it. It is the perfect mix of locations, violence and characters you actually care about. Darker than what some would like, but I love it.


I'm also looking forward to the return of Mad Men and Strike Back which are both ending this year and I'm sure will go out with a bang.

Vice is also starting up soon which I can't wait to check out ever Saturday morning with my coffee.

Looking at my DVR, I see that we have Galavant and Sons of Liberty both recorded. I wonder if we'll see more miniseries happening in the future since it seems to be a trend lately. If someone is reading, please give Dave Grohl more money to create great shows as Sonic Highways was better than I ever hoped for.

I also can't wait to watch A Path Appears that is currently airing on PBS. Watch the trailer below and then make sure you watch the show or read the book. Heck, why don't do both!

All in all there is plenty of television watching going on in our household. My only complaint about FiOS TV is that I'm eager for them to get Outside Television added to the lineup because I might never take it off that channel.


What are some of your favorite shows that we are not watching?

What must I set up to record on my DVR immediately?

Disclosure: I am a member of the #LifeOnFiOS Influencer Program. They provide the service, I share my thoughts.

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