First Impressions of the FiOS Mobile App

First Impressions of the FiOS Mobile App

Starry Night Airport Terminal As an itinerant, hours spent in airports is a common part of my life.

Recently, I found myself alone at a gate early on a weekday morning waiting for others to arrive.

Still in the haze of waking up, I mindlessly watched the television that was cycling through the standard airport fare of news and travel information.

An ad rolled about a new show called The Wonder List that would be premiering on CNN. As a fan of Phillip Bloom's work, I had been keeping an eye out for this show, but completely forgot about it.

I had recently downloaded all of the Verizon FiOS apps to my phone and tablet, but hadn't really paid much attention to them yet. Sure, I could stream live television programs through them anywhere I was, but I hadn't tried it yet.

But, did any of the apps have connectivity to my DVR? I seemed to remember that one of them did, but I wasn't sure.

In fact, the FiOS Mobile app does connect to your home DVR.

I was able to search the channel guide and program my DVR to begin recording The Wonder List with all the same controls and options as if I was sitting on my couch.


Instantly I loved the app. Being able to manage my DVR from anywhere isn't a must have, but it sure is a nice to have.

Hopefully they'll add the ability to stream content from my DVR to my device in the future because that would be amazing and would certainly make all my travel a bunch more enjoyable. Allow me to download my DVR content to my device to watch offline and I'll love them forever.

It was also fun to discover that I can see what is being watched on the televisions at home and change it if I wanted to. While I don't expect to use this feature, I can see many parents loving being able to check in what their kids are watching when they are not home. I wonder if they'll ever add a quick feature to type out a message to pop up on the screen at home. Just think of the kid's reactions.

If you already have Verizon FiOS, you are missing out if you have not downloaded all of their apps to take their service beyond the television screen.

I'm looking forward to future enhancements because knowing them, they'll be coming. I'll let you know if anything new and exciting pops up on my radar.


Disclosure - I'm a member of the #LifeOnFiOS influencer team. We are given free service in exchange for sharing our thoughts monthly on how we use the technology. I had been a paying FiOS customer for years before this opportunity came along, so it was easy to say yes when they approached me.

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