Fall Television Is Here And I'm Already Behind

Fall Television Is Here And I'm Already Behind


The DVR is a beautiful invention and without it and my on-demand services from Verizon FiOS I don't think I'd ever watch television due to our busy schedules. With two teenagers in the house and four very different tastes in programming, we seem to have a list of shows which are for me and my wife, my son and I or for the whole family.

More than once Laura and I have sat down and asked ourselves, "Do we have anything WE can watch?"

This morning as I realized I had not written my monthly post for my #VZWBuzz and #LifeOnFiOS commitments, I took a quick scroll through our DVR and was shocked to see the PILE of recorded shows we already have.

I took this photo as I was writing this post. 46% full? That is crazy right there :)


Like most families, we have lots of commitments. Dylan is running cross country, Emily is doing drama club and dance and Laura is involved with the local community chorus. On top of that, I'm doing a bunch of traveling (last week to Lynda.com outside of Santa Barbara and next week to Seattle to speak at Pix 2015) while teaching and Laura has a lot going on at work.

Needless to say, we are busy and not watching much television.

A couple of weeks ago, I realized that new shows would be arriving and I had yet to set any of them to record. Since I didn't know when any of the shows were going to be on I decided to use the Verizon FiOS Mobile app to quickly search by name and set up all of our DVR recordings.

So, what is the Chapman Family hoping to watch this fall?

Blindspot - One of the only new shows that everyone is looking forward to.

The Bastard Executioner - I'm a huge Kurt Sutter fan and have high hopes for this. So far it is dragging, but I'm hoping it picks up.

Scream Queens and American Horror Story: Hotel - Emily is a big Ryan Murphy fan so of course both of these are high on her list.

Fear the Walking Dead - I wasn't sure about this one, but now I'm hooked. Always makes me wonder how prepared I am for any sort of "happening."

The Black List, Gotham and Scorpion - These three shows are some of mine and Dylan's favorites and it is driving me nuts that our schedules haven't synced to watch any of them yet.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown - Emily and I watch this to fuel our wanderlust. I hate having to wait to watch it with her, but I love the conversations and dreams that come from watching it together.

Heroes Reborn - There are high hopes for this in our home because I loved the original and my kids are curious about the new.

As I scan through our scheduled recordings, we've also got episodes of Best Time Ever, Public Morals, Limitless and The Muppets to watch. Plus, there are some family favorites of NCIS, Law & Order and The Big Bang Theory also queuing up.

Part of me hates that FiOS Quantum TV gives us so much space on our DVR since I know we are never going to watch all that we are recording.

But, then again I didn't like the old way of being forced to watch something so we didn't lose it. I can deal with having a backlog. :)

Have you watched any of these shows? What are your thoughts so far?

Not that we have the time, but any shows that you think we must watch if we ever find the time?

Happy viewing!

Disclosure: As a Verizon #VZWBuzz Lifestyle Blogger and #LifeOnFiOS Influencer, I'm given product and services in return for writing original digital lifestyle content each month. All thoughts, opinions and poor television show choices are my own :)

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