Family Fun Weekends at King Richard's Faire

Family Fun Weekends at King Richard's Faire

Fun Performance at King Richards Faire Growing up playing countless hours of Dungeons and Dragons, combined with a love of the theatre and Shakespeare gave me a love of renaissance faires.

Over the years I've attended many of them and it has become a family tradition to spend a fall weekend at King Richard's Faire here in Carver, Massachusetts.

Their media team has hooked me up with free tickets over the last few years and it is a trip the kids are always excited for. This year they asked if we could get a couple of extra tickets so that they could bring friends.

An event where the parents are excited as their teenage kids? Yes, they do exist! :)


The great thing about King Richard's Faire is that there is something for everyone.

Throughout the day, there are multiple stages where various forms of shows are performed.

King Richard's Faire 2014The Mud Show at King Richard's Faire 2012

Some of our favorites include the torture show and of course the mud show.

This year they've added several new performers including a silk aerial duo and a new cat show.

The location is covered in trees, so even when it is hot there is plenty of shade to keep cool in. Plus, you only need to swing by one of the food vendors for a cold beverage (or a turkey leg) if you need the break.

BEER!Camera & Turkey Leg

We also enjoy all the artisans who set up shop. The hand made goods are always inspiring and we've bought plenty of things over the years. The best part is most will hold on to your purchases until the end of the day so that you don't have to lug them around all day if you don't want to.

A Day at King Richard's Faire 2012A Day at King Richard's Faire 2012

A Day at King Richard's Faire 2012Make sure to set aside a few minutes to watch the live glass blowing and candle making artists. Blows me away how creative they are! Glass Blowing

Of course the jousting is the highlight of the day and if you make the trip be sure to stick around for the big final show which is always entertaining. You get to kick back on a grassy hill and enjoy the mayhem with everyone else.

King Richard's FaireA Day at King Richard's Faire 2012

Don't forget to check and see if the weekend you are attending is a themed weekend which can lead to extra fun and spectacle when you attend.

As an added bonus this year, I've been given a family four pack of tickets to give away for free.

A Day at King Richard's Faire 2012

Winning is easy. Leave a comment below on why  you'd love to attend and I'll pick a winner at random next week.

Hope to see you around the realm.

Disclosure - King Richard's Faire has given me complimentary tickets to take my family to the event and another set to give away. All they ask in return is that I have fun and share my thoughts.