To Binge Or Savor?

To Binge Or Savor?

My week began with an early morning viewing of the new show American Gods.

Last year, two trusted friends insisted that I read the book before the show came out. I do what I'm told (sometimes) and in this case am better for it.

Sipping my coffee, I savored every minute of the episode even though I knew it was going to end too soon and I'd have to wait a week to see where it goes.

Last weekend, I plopped down on the couch with a bowl of pistachios and a cold Sam Summer to start watching American Playboy. Four episodes later, my brain was full, and I decided to call it a night.

The on-demand generation is in full swing. We click a button and have what we desire.

Swing into a local big box, and they don't have what you want? Your phone places the order, and it'll be on your doorstep in two days.

Three hours to kill before you connecting flight leaves. Pull out your iPad and fall in love with a new show.

Yesterday, Dylan and I picked up his new suit and then headed to a local diner because he loves their milkshakes. Sitting at the counter, we ordered food because it felt like the right thing to do to balance out the flawlessly made shakes we were going to enjoy. We ate, barely chatted and hit the road.

A different vibe than sitting down at a white linen table and enjoy the chef menu course after course.

One is not wrong. One is not better. But, each their own.

Books are the same to me. I keep a hard copy of a book on my nightstand to read when I need a little something before bed. There is always more than one there, and sometimes I finish them.

Last week, I opened my Kindle as I took my seat on a plane to start and then finish a new book on my flight home. Being titled Thunderbird, I wonder if that is why I read it so fast?

We live in a world where I worry upcoming generations won't understand the satisfaction that comes from savoring what they enjoy. They'll rush into and through everything that they like.

Sure, it'll feel good and there is nothing wrong with a quickie, but slowing down to take the time to enjoy something is great as well.

I enjoy having both options. The power to choose between which I want at any given moment in time.

To each their own. There are few absolute rights and wrongs in reality.

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