Savor or Binge?

house-of-cards-season-4-970-80 To savor or to binge?

That is a question I face this weekend as the new season of House of Cards is now live on Netflix.

Last season I tried to savor it a bit. To let it breath and take my time with it.

I made Season 3 last a full week and then it was done.

I try to keep my consumption to no more than three episodes at a time and with everything else going on in my life that is usually very easy.

The kids tell me I'm crazy for even raising the question. They are the binge culture and hate waiting to see what happens next week.

Thankfully, I'm off to do a photoshoot this morning so the temptation (and the decision) is set aside until tonight at the earliest.

I know I'll watch at least the first episode tonight and then we'll see where it goes from there.

Everything in moderation is perfect advice for life. I want to have the will power to stretch this out and enjoy it for every amazing moment that I know it will contain.

Wish me luck.