RamblesCC Chapman

Lamb or Lion? I Do Not Know

RamblesCC Chapman
Lamb or Lion? I Do Not Know

Nadia Loves Sunbeams Some days start with a bunch of little things that get in the way of getting off on the right foot.

Today was certainly one of those.

Nothing earth shattering. Nothing to worry about.

But, still as I try to find focus, be productive and get ready for the day ahead these little things pile up and get in the way of the brain doing what it is suppose to be doing.

I teach today and tomorrow and then Thursday I'm off to Austin for SXSW. The time there will be a mix of all that makes SXSW what it is.

I need to come home with at least one new client or else the trip won't be worth it.

Laura and I spent some time this weekend looking at the summer ahead. Amazing how fast and full it can become without even blinking.

Last night Nadia slept for the first time without her crate door shut. It is a little thing, but a big one in the life of a pup.

March is off to a good start all around and the rest of the month I hope goes even better.

Lambs or Lions? No idea yet.