Spoiled Brats of the Internet

Spoiled Brats of the Internet

Spoiled Brats Doodle This morning my doodling ended up with the above.

Being a small town kid at heart who grew up in a blue collar family, I tend to notice these things.

The #FirstWorldProblems trend has always rubbed me a bit the wrong way. Sure, I've bitched about things that I didn't need to and I know that. Whenever I do, I tend to feel bad about it not long after hitting the send button.

This morning as I enjoyed my bananas and black coffee (I still think that could be a fun name for a band) my mind began wandering about a lot of different things going on in the world and right in my backyard.

- Clarence and I hung out the other night and talked a lot about race and how are we ever going to make progress in fixing the race problems in America.

- I find myself filtering my feeds more and more to get rid of the constant marketing, never happy or only talk about one thing types. This has been a much needed improvement.

- The call of the clickstream has been extra loud lately and I need to shut it up. Getting away from a connected screen is definitely a key to being successful here.

- The Oatmeal once again nails it. Yes, I use them too, but I also have fun with them (in my mind).


- Amazing how hard it can be to cut down the amount of meat in the dinners I make for the family and still have the family happy with what I'm serving them.

- With summer vacation just over the horizon for the kids, I really want to make sure that while there are no epic adventures planned that we still make time for plenty of memories.

- Playing Monopoly as a family on the Xbox is nothing like playing it on an actual board. The board is better.

- The idea of shooting a short video today was nixed by the realization that the camera I wanted to use is in Laura's car.

- Dylan's phone is broke and part of me wants to wait as long as possible not to get it fixed, but then how would I reach him if I needed to. How did our parents ever survive? :)

- This weekend I get to watch Emily dance and see my family. I can't wait to watch Nadia play with her cousin Abe.

- Why won't this damn cold/cough go away?

- I've got a lot to talk about tonight at our Wediko board meeting.

- Where are all the female and non white male daily Vloggers? I know they must be out there, but I haven't found many and I'd love to discover more.

- I wonder if politicians will ever stop bitching and complaining and simply shut their mouths and get to work on getting things done.

- There are a lot of opportunities coming to the surface in Austin and I hope Brad and I can make at least a few of them happen.

- There needs to be a lot more face-to-face time in my life. Liking and scrolling is not the same as hugging and chatting. I'm going to start reaching out to people and getting together. It will be better for all involved I think.

See, I wasn't kidding when I said my mind was wandering this morning.

This is fairly typical and I'm sure there are a few other things going on up there that I'm just not willing or wanting to share publicly.

Make it a great day.

We Are All Humans. Everything Else is an Adjective

We Are All Humans. Everything Else is an Adjective

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