RamblesCC Chapman

Catch Up As We Head Into The Holiday Weekend

RamblesCC Chapman
Catch Up As We Head Into The Holiday Weekend

PeaceandBalance I love that when I woke up this morning and looked at my calendar, the only thing I saw was "GET THE PIG."

There will be another whole hog roast going on tomorrow here at the house. There will be a few friends, great food and hopefully the weather will cooperate enough to not make it a complete washout.

Anyone else boggled by how July arrived? Realizing that the year is half over gave me pause the other day as I flipped the calendar over.

There has been a lot of little things happening here so I wanted to update everyone.

- My newest Lynda.com course is now live. It is a version of the keynote I gave on the book tour for Amazing Things Will Happen. Sadly, they cut out almost all of my original photos and slides and opted for their own graphics, but I'm still honored they asked me to record this the last time I was out there. Watch it here.

-  The next book proposal is almost done. My agent decided that adding an opening chapter would help, so I'm actively working on getting that writtenAll of t so we can get the book sold and officially under way.

- All of the footage from my time at GORUCK HQ has been logged and editing has begun. I was inspired enough from all of our conversations that I bought Laura and I a couple of rucking kits to make our walks more productive. We are eager for them to arrive.

- We spent a great weekend in New Hampshire with friends and it was such a perfect escape into the woods for the weekend. Emily and I had a blast balancing rocks in the river and both agreed it is something we need to do more of.

- I'm excited to announce that I've joined the Advisory Board of SeeDepth. This happened a while ago, but the product has just gone live so I couldn't talk about it until now.

Seems I lied at the beginning of this post, because I forgot that I did have one business call today. I'm writing this after having it so I figured why not share it. The call was a good one and now I've got to send my speakers contract over to an event for this fall. I like meetings like that.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend. Between the heat and the hurricane, this isn't going to be the weekend a lot of people hoped for.

Crack open your favorite frosty one along side good friends and make the most of it. That is what we'll be doing!