As We Head Into the Long Weekend

This week flew by. I mean I'm so confused what day it is and which way to go next, but I'm not going to complain. It was a good week. Let me try to catch myself up.

  • We started working with the team behind The Newfronts 2009 and I'm excited that I am going to be able to attend this event in person. Check out the schedule and be sure to follow on Twitter for the latest.
  • I attended a special event for the new PBS film Digital Nation and there are many more blog posts coming about that for sure because I'm still wired from everything I saw and heard. Pictures here.
  • Finally wrote about Memorial Day on Digital Dads which I've been wanting to do all week.
  • I had planned on recording a special new Accident Hash, but it turns out the software I've been using to record podcasts for years no longer is going to cut it for me so I've been looking for something new. I think I found it. Need to play some this weekend.

It feels like more went on, but trust me when I say there is plenty more that I can't talk about just quite yet.

I hope you spend a lot of time outside this weekend around the ones you love and don't forget that we get to celebrate Memorial Day because of the sacrifice of the men and women of the military. Never forget that and always support them.

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