Journaling The Rambles Of My Mind

Journaling The Rambles Of My Mind

This space has always been treated as an online journal first and any other word you might choose to call it second.

I collect my thoughts and process the ones that I want to share with the world. The ones not for your eyes go down on paper in some sort of semi=regular schedule that is far from daily.

Last night as I walked the dark streets of Boston I reflected on friendship and how it works.

We use to call, write and touch base with those we cared about.

Today a thumbs up, like or retweet seems to pass for being a friend.

It is interesting that those that you don't consider a close friend are the ones that will check in on you, invite you to dinner or reach out when you are least expecting it.

We tend to assume that what we see online is an accurate portrayal of how someone is doing when we all know only the extremes are shared.

Earlier in the night as I sat at the penny covered bar of Worden Hall, I read a 2012 commencement address from Neil Gaiman.

His words hit me directly in the soul. Reminders of things I knew but had not been following.

This morning I awoke from less sleep than I try for. The frosted flakes were needed and the coffee was assigned.

Today? Today I'm going to let my mind wander some more. To think about the art I'm not creating and the friendships I'm not making the most of.

How is your day going? What aren't you doing that you should be?

Make the most of it.

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