FamilyCC Chapman

Our Last Summer All Together

FamilyCC Chapman
Our Last Summer All Together

Time is flying by and while I refuse to start counting days, I know there are not many left.

Dylan begins college in the fall and the emotions that come with preparing for it have been hard and swinging.

We are a tight family. I hug and kiss my kids goodbye and good night every day. Our times together are generally full of laughs.

Laura asked that we go away together for her birthday. Booking a cabin for all of us to stay in the weekend before the college road trip begins brought the reality of it all home.

The life of a parent is full of phases and milestones and I'm proud that two of the big ones are about to descend upon us.

Dylan will graduate high school and begin college. Those are big ones. They hit you right in the feels and make you pause and remember all the ones that have already passed.

I'm excited that he is about to begin his life. I worry he isn't ready. Perhaps we didn't give him everything in his head that he needs. In my heart I know we did all we could.

Every minute of the coming days will be savored. That is how I approach life always, but this summer I know I'm going to be spending extra close attention.

It will be the last summer that we are all together under the same roof.

There will be laughs and plenty of tears.

Bring it on. I'm ready (sort of).