Watching My Kids Grow Up and Away

Watching My Kids Grow Up and Away

The moment you add an event to your calendar titled "Dylan & Dad's College Road Trip" you know that emotions are going to be a bit messy.

Not as messy as last week when an entire week worth of Senior events was added including one titled "Dylan Graduates."

We even had to go and buy him his first suit since he now has a date to his senior prom

Yes, my not so little boy is nearing the end of his mandatory education and headed into the next phase of his life.

He isn't the only one growing up.

Emily went to the junior prom this week. My little girl is now a young woman. When did that happen?

As a parent, you live for milestones. They break your heart, but also make you smile.

We joke about the changes coming to our family, and for the most part, all I do is smile about them.

But, at the same time that I know this is a natural progression for a family, I know that it is going to hit me harder than I want it to.

I think back to the night I left my parents house to move to Virginia. I know how hard that was for me and now I'm beginning to understand how hard it must have been for them.

Funny how many things come into focus once you become a parent. A number of little things you took for granted that are now of vital importance.

While in my heart I'm mostly sad about the changes ahead, I'm also extremely excited by them.

Every day I'm reminded that Laura and I have done a good job raising these kids to be the adults we hoped they'd grow up to become.

Who knows what lies ahead for each of them, but I'm excited to see.

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