Words and The Days To Come

Words and The Days To Come

Words have been hard to come by lately.

No, that isn't exactly true.

There have been plenty of words, but I've been writing them down elsewhere. Leaving this spot alone.

They've been anger fueled and tinged with a layer of neon orange slime.

Not the words I want to share. Not the energy I want to throw out into the universe.

Did you miss them? Did you miss me?

Lorde is screaming about tennis courts, ribs and bravado as I hit the keys to share with you.

There has been a lot of anger in my soul and I can feel the wolves battling it out to balance or go over the edge. I know which one has to win, but it is exciting to realize I let them both out to play from time to time.

Flipping the calendar this morning to March, I paused and thought about all that happened last month. The screams, laughs and head shakes were plentiful.

There were talks in Houston and Orlando. Consulting in Washington, DC.

There were brainstorms for things to come.

Decisions made. Garbage thrown out. Pruning of commitments.

No matter what burns around me, I've committed to do my part to focus on only what is most important to me.

Bring it on.