I'm Thankful I Don't Have Regrets

I'm Thankful I Don't Have Regrets

Ever Had #SwitchersRemores I love receiving paid writing assignments. Few things make me happier in this world.

So when members of the Verizon Wireless team offered to pay me to write a post "that includes a story about a decision you may have made once in your life which you regretted AND chose to reverse course or would have LIKED to reverse course." I gladly accepted the assignment and began planning.

The marketing expert in me loved the assignment because they are using these posts to raise awareness for their current #SwitchersRemorse promotion where they will take back any previous customers with open arms since we've all made decisions we regretted.

But, then I began thinking about what to write.

I thought about the time that I got into breakdancing and how we use to have "battles" at the school dances. Some of those outfits were stupid and I certainly didn't have as good of moves as I thought I did.

Or what about the time I signed the paperwork to have my marketing agency acquired by another and have always wondered if it was the right decision or not.

There have been plenty of questionable on-the-road food choices, career moves and decisions made over the years the more I thought about it.

Yet, the fact is that I've always tried to live my life without regret. If I make a bad decision, I try to rectify it as quickly as possible.

Take a wrong turn (real or metaphorically) and I try to get back on a better patch immediately.

I joked with the team that I couldn't come up with a topic for this post and then the more I joked about it, I realized that was the topic of the post. The lack of a motivator for it.

We all do things we wished we hadn't. For some it is a hair style, others a man or woman. But, to linger on them instead of moving forward is something I don't think is healthy.

Perhaps that is why I had such a hard time coming up with a funny story to tell (even though I'm sure the thought of me breakdancing sent shivers through some of you).

Thanks for the thought provoking assignment. It was fun to walk down memory lane.

Disclosure: This is a paid post for Verizon’s #SwitchersRemorse campaign. If you switched away from Verizon and are regretting it, don’t worry. They’re making it easy for customers to come back. For more information click here  or head over to your local Verizon store.” 

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