FiOS - The Moment I Got It

FiOS - The Moment I Got It

FiOS I Got It In a former life, Verizon FiOS was a client of mine and we did a huge campaign in the early days of the service. Involving a television show, web site, live events and even a talking teddy bear, it was a project that I had a lot of fun being part. Watch the case study video here.

So, when I was approached to take part in FiOS Ambassador Program, I was happy to do so.

One of my assignments was to share the story of the moment I "got" FiOS. They were not asking about the date I physically got it installed in my house, but that moment when the lightbulb in my head went off and #IGotIt!

This was an easy answer because I remember the moment quite well.

My business partner at the time, Steve Coulson, had recently had FiOS installed at his house. It still wasn't being offered where I lived, so even though I was doing marketing work for them, I hadn't experienced the service myself.

I was staying at Steve's house and we were sitting around after a day of work. I had taken a large number of photos that day and was ready to upload them to Flickr.

A couple of minutes after doing so, I noticed that the upload was done. I instantly assumed something went wrong, but a quick click over to my photostream showed that all the photos had in fact uploaded.

Steve laughed at me as I blurted out something not as polite as "whoa that was fast!"

In that moment I got FiOS and wanted it for myself.

It would be over a year before I'd have the option.

I can recall seeing the trucks in the neighborhood for a few weeks and I finally went out one day and asked one of the line workers if they were prepping to offer FiOS. With a bit of a wink and nudge he implied that they were and the moment I had the option I switched over. I've been a happy customer ever since.

So, that is my #IGotIt story. Verizon FiOS would love if you shared your story.

Disclosure – I am a compensated member of the FiOS Ambassador Program. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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