Origin Stories

Young CC With Blocks Amazing Things Will Happen is not an autobiography, yet I knew I had to include the backstory of my life for the advice on the following pages to be taken seriously.

In the comic book world, this would be known as an origin story.

As more people read the book, post reviews and reach out to me directly, I've gotten a kick out of hearing people say "I didn't know you ____" and then sharing something from my past.

This made me realize in today's world we are so focused on what we are doing in the moment and looking forward that we never take the time to share where we've come from.

Thinking about some of my closest friends, I don't know a lot about their past. We've never talked about where they grew up, what activities they took part in or what kind of crazy times they had in college. Whenever I've had one of those conversations it always makes the friendship closer.

Did you know I love performing on stage, filmed over seventy shorts with my production company and played trombone for eight years? Each of them is a core part of my origin story. I wouldn't be the man I am today without each of them.

People say you shouldn't look back, but we get to know each other on a whole new level when we do.

Join me in sharing your origin stories. You never know what from our past may connect our futures.