Back in the Groove

I kept the computers off most of the weekend. I had the phone on and checked in every so often to make sure things were going well, but all in all didn't do much online and it felt great. Biggest accomplishment instead was teaching Emily to ride a bike. She got it. Rode around the park without us. Amazing how one second they are falling down and complaining and the next they can't get enough. One of those great things you get to teach kids. This week is going to be a little hectic as Emily and Dylan both have camps this week. Dylan is going to Tennis camp. He wanted to learn to play after having fun on the Wii. It's only two hours a day this week. Then Emily is going to a dance and music camp where she is going to learn a choreographed dance number over the week and then perform on Friday. It's only 1 hour a week. So lots of me picking up and dropping them off. Going to be a little bit of a pain in the ass, but the kids will love it and that is what is important.

Morning Rambles From the AC'd Office

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