Google Request

I'm officially addicted to Google Apps. I love the recent update to the documents and spreadsheets that allow for better organization. Of course last night I realized that Google Docs is missing one TINY but key feature for me and that is a word count tool. I can't imagine this would be overly hard to add, but what do I know. I seem to be doing a lot of writing lately on assignment with certain word count limits and I end up taking the document, popping it into MS Word just to do a word count. That seems sort of against productivity to me. Anyone got an in at Google they can poke with this request? It's not earth shattering, but it sure would make me happy.

Dylan has his last baseball game this morning and then we are headed to see Transformers finally. Been itching to take him all week so I can't wait. Good father and son time for sure!!! Other then that not a whole lot on the plan for today.

Update - I'm a blind idiot! Chris Penn shows me that Google Docs can do this!

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