3 Words for 2012

3 Words for 2012


Resolutions are pointless. You set them and never achieve them. You have the best intentions, but that is not enough.

Goals and rituals have a higher chance of success both in the short and the long term. That is where I like to focus my energy.

I also like the idea from Chris Brogan of selecting three words that become themes for the year to follow. Last year I chose Create, Inspire and Teach and the year before that they were Simplify, Focus and Attack. Looking back, they were guiding themes for each year and continue forward as constants in my life.

This year I had a harder time choosing because I don't take these lightly, but I'm happy with what I came up with.


I've always been about helping others and that will never change. Inspiring, motivating, teaching and assisting other people is in my DNA. But, this year I need to focus on myself as well.

A big part of this is my health. I'd like to grow old with Laura and play with my grandkids. I've got too many places to see and people to hug in this world. To do this, I need to start thinking about my health across the board. This will require changes and improvements beyond the eating better and moving more.

I also realize that I've got to promote my work and me more. I see all sorts of people around me succeeding to a level that I'd like to and yet my humble upbringing is holding me back from raising my hand more. It is hard to even think this way, but I know that it is a truth I need to face. Of course, it'll be a balancing act and I have no clue how to make it happen, but I will.

It also means that I'm going to stop saying "I'd like to..." and then never going any further. This might be learning to play guitar. Could be about crafting something with my hands. It is both of those and more.


Google got the metaphor correct that our lives are full of circles.

I have a couple of very close and important circles in my life. Two years ago, one of those circles formed around a weekend in Boston. Another formed around a dinner table in Las Vegas. The relationships formed and the support from within have been very powerful. I want to continue these and take them to a new level.

While these circles can survive online, they can only flourish face-to-face and that is where I need them this year. I'm going to do everything in my power to not depend on any tool. Instead I want to depend on the power of the people in the circles.

Just like when you throw a pebble in to a pond, circles can grow and make other circles and that is where I'm looking and planning. Remember the old days of writer circles and salons? That is where my brain is thinking. That is where it becomes a theme for the year and a powerful one at that.


On the surface, this one sure sounds like a load of sugar coated bullshit, but in my heart I need this word and know that it is more than that.

I heard some backlash chatter lately about this word. It is one I use a lot and believe in. It will be a big part of 2012 for me as it is a cornerstone of my next book. If I don't believe in it than I'm going to have issues writing over the coming weeks and then spending months promoting and talking about.

Yet, it is more than that. It is about finding the amazing things in life with my camera. Sharing in amazing experiences with those that I love. Creating bits of amazement with the talents I've been given. After all, if I didn't believe this than why would I ever believe that amazing things will happen to each of us?

Those are my three words for 2012: Self, Circles & Amazing. What are your three words?

Need some more inspiration? Take a look at some other sets of words from JustinChris or Steve who've shared as well.

Happy 2012 to everyone!

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