Creating With My Hands

Creating With My Hands

I create a lot. I write, shoot photos, speak, record a podcast and produce a video show. Each of those takes talent and time. I know that I bring those to the table when I'm creating and I bring a unique perspective that is mine to each of them.

One thing I don't do much of (except in the kitchen where I do it every day) is create with my hands and this is something I will strive for in this new year.

My daughter Emily is constantly creating with her hands. Yesterday she got the urge to paint. In our basement she has a design studio where one moment she might be fulfilling an order for one of her duct tape tote bags and then next creating something uniquely her from the craft supplies she has. I love that about her.

I watch videos of knives being made, wood worker's shops and talented letterpress artists. They all inspire me and make me wish that I could create more with my hands.

I've tried doing several things and none of them have grown beyond a spark of interest. Last year when I took part in a Craftsman event, I got to make a pizza peel from a blank piece of wood and that was a blast. But, even though I had fun doing it, it wasn't something I thought about doing beyond that single event.

This year is going to find me doing more with my hands. It is a promise I've made to myself. Lately I've been tinkering with the idea of using reclaimed wood to make picture frames since it would go nicely with my photography. Plus, the barrier of entry doesn't seem that high to give it a try and see if I like it.

I'll be sure to share any progress I make.