The Next Phase of My Career

The Next Phase of My Career

YSN My career has never followed a straight line. I’ve been a worker bee, manager, company founder and partner.

Today, I’m excited to announce that I’m adding a new title to my business card collection:

Chief Marketing Officer of YSN.

YSN stands for Your Success Now.  It is our platform to connect and engage the most ambitious and talented young people from every corner of the world.

Young & Successful Media is our agency.  We create and execute innovative campaigns for companies, organizations, associations and governments serious about making an impact through youth empowerment, employment or entrepreneurship.

Take a look at the SUBWAY® Global Challenge we are launching to get a taste of what we can do.

Everything we do helps inspire young people to pursue their passions, discover who they are, find work they love, launch businesses, sculpt their careers, and pursue success based on what matters to them.

Hopefully as you read that you are thinking, “wow that is perfect for you C.C.” because that is what I thought when I first heard the goal of the company from CEO Jennifer Kushell.

Jen was a big part in me even contemplating this job. When she first told me about her vision over drinks in Las Vegas I was hooked. Her years of experience, desire to do things right rather than quick and savvy business knowledge was an instant attraction. I'm excited to be partnering with her and the amazing team we've assembled.

If you don't know her yet, I think this video that BCBG created captures her passion (and fashion sense) perfectly.

Youth unemployment is an economic crisis for societies globally and yet there is no lack of opportunities or talent in the world.

The problem is that there hasn't been an efficient way to connect them on a global scale and that is why YSN has created the Global Opportunities (GO) Marketplace.

I want to make GO the preeminent platform to connect talent anywhere in the world with the widest range of opportunities that will allow them to gain the experience to create meaningful careers. It was this part of the business that attracted me more than anything else.

I want Dylan and Emily to have nothing but the best opportunities when they enter the workforce and GO is going to make sure that happens.

Employment opportunities should not be restricted to where you live. I want the girl in Ghana who dreams of engineering, the boy in Vermont who wants to farm and the recent graduate in Tokyo with a love of travel to all have the same opportunities beyond their own borders.

Don't worry, I'll still be speaking, writing and taking plenty of photos. It was important to me that I still be able to do these things if I accepted the job.

There are a lot of exciting things brewing already and I hope you’ll take the time to check out, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.  Plus, be sure to send any talent or employers you know to to get active in the marketplace.

Onward and upward!

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