Content Marketing Fundamentals Course

Filming at Lynda I'm excited to announce that my new class Content Marketing Fundamentals is now live. Current subscribers can enroll and start watching immediately.

If you have never heard of, I've been a fan for years. Their all you can eat pricing model is why I've always liked them.

They only work with the top teachers in any given field and I've watched everything from photography classes to creative inspirations on their site.

This is my second course with them (first was Insights from a Content Marketer) that the photo above is from. I have two more coming out in the new year as well that we've already filmed.

Below you can watch a couple of videos to get a feel for the class.

Once you've watched those, if you want to take the course or ANY of the other great online training classes has I've got a free seven day account for anyone who wants to sign up.

Click on the banner below and you'll get seven days to take as many courses as you want for free. Can't beat that deal!

7 day free trial

I hope you enjoy this course and will share it with others.