How a Photo From Africa Inspired Me to Make a Purchase From Austin

How a Photo From Africa Inspired Me to Make a Purchase From Austin


Every day I teach companies and organizations the importance of content. I explain to them that you never know when something might drive a sale. Every day I also get asked how to measure the ROI of content and social media. For years I've explained that while you can measure many things, there are many aspects of this world that you can not measure unless you are set up to do so.

That is the story I want to tell you today.

Esther Havens is a humanitarian photographer. Her work is breath taking and ever since I heard her name I've been following her on Instagram.

She does the sort of work that I want to do more of.

Esther is currently in Zambia on assignment and the other day posted the photo above.

Compared to many of her other photos, it isn't anything special. It is a beautiful snapshot of her taking a moment out of working and relaxing for a bit.

But, where the magic happens is when she posted photo, it was captioned with:

"Kammoking in Zambia! Love that @kammok partners with @malarianomore to help end malaria deaths in Africa #theroolife #kammok"

Since I love companies who have social good in their DNA, I instantly clicked over to find out who Kammok were and what they were all about.

Turns out that they not only make high quality camping hammocks, but they also give back to the world around them.

They also have a great attitude towards enjoying life and making the most of your time outdoors.

I was so turned on by all of this that I ordered a Roo and am eager for it to arrive.  You can be sure I'll be sharing photos and more once I get to try it out.

So, a photographer posts a snapshot on Instagram from Africa and because of it I make a purchase from a company in Austin.

This is the type of thing that you can't measure easily. I'm sharing the story to once again remind everyone that it works, but it is different than the old way of doing business.

Content marketing, social media, giving back and being a good person. All of it is important to you and your business. Every bit counts.

Photo Credit to Esther Havens via Instagram.

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