An Amazing Week Begins

An Amazing Week Begins

Amazing Week Directly in the middle of a country-wide heatwave, I'm excited for the days ahead this week.

Most of us will be cracking a cold beer, throwing something on the grill and spending time with our friends as we watch the 4th of July fireworks. I know that is exactly part of my plans!

This week is starting off a bit off kilter, but I'm eager for the days ahead.

Thursday, we will be having our annual Chapman Chill and I'll be roasting another pig. Without all the nervous energy of last time, I'm psyched to do it again.

Friday morning, I've got a first of the morning flight across the country for World Domination Summit.

I'm eager to see some of my favorite people as they fly in from around the globe for the weekend. Plus, being in PDX means I get to have breakfast at Kenny and Zuke's!

Hope you have an amazing week as well.