Finding the Flow

The Flow The coffee has reached room temperature. The bitter bite reminds me that it is time to refill the cup again. Morning will not move forward without this action.

Refilled I can once again type. Let the words pour forth with the hopeful goal of something worth keeping.

Choosing the music that will fill the room is of equal importance. This morning the new Blake Morgan album is chosen and the fingers find their groove.

Finding the flow is something we strive for. We crave it like a donut junkie on Sunday morning.

Yet, it hides from us like a bunny in the tall grass. We find it, but then it suddenly disappears again. We spend more time seeking it out than actually in it some days. That is ok because tomorrow is a new day and we will find it then.

Once in the flow it warms us. Feels comfortable and familiar like our favorite ragtag I'm sick sweatshirt. The blanket on our mother's couch that no matter how many years we may have been away from it, welcomes us back into the fold as if we never left.

Finding the flow is one of the great challenge in my life.

Yet, I know that no matter how long the journey is, the end results are worth it.

The flow is where amazing things happen.