The Circle of Life for a Writer

The Circle of Life for a Writer


writers-circle-of-life Later today I'm catching a flight to LAX for the final stop of the book tour for Amazing Things Will Happen.

The life of a writer is an interesting one.

You finish writing the book and wait. It finally hits shelves and you hustle. The tour ends and you find yourself planning the next one.

This is the circle of life for a writer. You never truly stop and you are always moving in a crazy circle.

  • You come up with an idea for a book.
  • You write the book.
  • You hustle, tour, pimp and do everything in your power to sell the book.
  • Rinse and repeat.

I've learned a lot in the few years since I could hang the published author sign from my shingle. The industry hasn't evolved enough and yet I've learned how the game is played.

Recently, I was directed to come up with the next six books I wanted to write.

On the surface it may sound like a simple task but it racked my mind. What was most interesting was that after I was done my mind didn't want to shut off and new ideas kept coming.

Needless to say if people keep buying the books, I've got plenty of words coming their way.

The books have been very successful and have sold more than I could have ever imagined. Not to a level yet where I can say that all I do is write for a living, but I'd love to some day get to that point.

Freelance writing opportunities have been presenting themselves and I'm thankful for them. I still have the goal of writing a monthly column for a magazine and dream of being hired to do some travel writing. I keep pushing to find both of those and have faith they will arrive.

The life of a writer may not be the easiest one, but it is far from the hardest.

As long as my creative juices keep flowing, I'll keep writing and go around and around in the circle.

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