The Words Will Always Be There

The Words Will Always Be There

author-cc-chapmans-desk Many mornings and late nights, this is the view I find before me.

As a writer, I spend hours of quality time with my keyboard and computer. As a creature of habit I tend to sit here when I write rather than kicked back on my leather couch with a laptop. Routines make it possible to write. At least that is what I tell myself.

A fellow writer was having a rough moment on Twitter just now and I encouraged him to walk away because the words would always be there waiting for him.

I pondered that for a bit and as I hit the keys now so that you can read them I am still pondering.

What has me pondering is the worry that maybe the words won't always be there.

Case in point. The other night I read a headline and instantly had a short story idea. I didn't write it down and justified it to myself that if it was really something I wanted to do that I'd remember it.

That is lazy logic and a bad idea. Pardon me while I go and write it down this moment.

Now, I have the idea captured and as I wrote it in my brain doodles notebook I actually added a twist ending I hadn't thought of originally. Always write down your ideas!

This is what I love about being a writer. You can tweet out a random thought, it leads to a blog post and in the end you have a solid short story idea. Oh the magic and mystery of one's brain.

Today the words seem to be on my side. Should I take that as a sign to do more writing on my next book? It has been coming together rather nicely even if we have not sold it yet.

I'm also working on an eBook with a friend and a second eBook for YSN since our first one on jobs of the future did so well.

So many words. So many possibilities.

I'd like to think that the words will always be there. What do you think?

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