Saturday With My Samsung NX300

Saturday With My Samsung NX300

Dirty Window Selfie When I first joined the Samsung Imagelogger program the first camera they gave me was the Samsung NX300.

It has a funky retro look and comes in several colors. They gave me the brown one.

I've tried to love this camera because of the tilt out screen on the back making for great angles and the interchangeable lenses. But, for some reason the auto-focus hasn't performed as well as I would like to see.

But, after seeing so many of the other Imageloggers using it with great results. (me and the team wonder if I might just have a bad unit) I decided to get out with the camera more when I don't need all the advanced connectivity features of the Samsung Galaxy NX which has become my go-to camera lately.

Every March my family gets together for a birthday lunch to celebrate my Aunt and Dad's birthday. This year we opted for a good old boiled dinner. It was a quiet afternoon of laughs and good food. A staple of any Chapman get together.

All photos below taken with the Samsung NX300 camera with their 30mm Pancake lens.


Laura's Coffee

Vicious in Pink

Cookie Delivery




Boiled Dinner

Cutting the Corned Beef

St. Pattys on a Plate

I'm really happy with the results and will definitely be taking this camera out more often.

Disclosure: As a Samsung Imagelogger, I'm given photography equipment in exchange for using it and sharing my thoughts and photos. All links are affiliate links.


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