I See The World Through A Viewfinder

I See The World Through A Viewfinder

While there isn’t always a camera in my hand, no matter what is going on or where I might be, I am constantly seeing the world through a mental viewfinder and taking photos.

After a lifetime of photography it is how I’m wired. I notice little things that bring a smile to my face or scare me to my core.

I walk into a new room and instantly find the exists and make a note of where they are. Strolling through the mall a couple might catch my eye. Driving I see all sorts of things that I think “hey that would make a great photograph.”

Being a photographer isn’t about the tools. Inspiring photographs can be created with your phone, a crazy priced Leica or a dusty point and shoot you buy at the flea market.

Last night when I shared this photo a friend asked about which cameras I used for what. It was an interesting question that I hadn’t given much thought to, but in the hopes of being helpful here is what I’m currently taking photographs with these days.

Fujifilm X-T3

My current go-to camera. After years shooting Canon and then my time as a Samsung Imagelogger I decided to move to Fujifilm.

Thanks to a special free loan from LensRentals.com I was able to test out the Sony and Fuji platforms for a couple of weeks and knew the FujiFilm X platform was the right one for me. It is the perfect combination of solid hardware, weight, lens options and constantly evolving technology.

I only have the kit lens that it came with, but I bought a smart adapter so that all of my Canon lenses will work on it with full capabilities.

Apple iPhone 7+

My current phone and thus the camera I always have with me.

I’ll most likely upgrade when the next iPhone is announced, but I’ve been tempted to switch over to a Google Pixel. Who knows? I do my editing in Lightroom or VSCO and still do most of my sharing on Instagram.

Mamiya 220

This camera was passed onto me from my father-in-law and it is something I want to shoot more with. It is a medium format camera and shoots 120mm film. I’ve been using only Kodak Professional film and I love that this camera forces me to slow down and think out my shots.

You can’t just whip out a film camera and start taking photos. You have to think about the settings, frame the shot and then push the shutter button. You have to be stiller than with digital and when I mentioned earlier that I’m always taking photos in my brain, this is almost meditation for me.

Polaroid Spectra

The noise alone when you take a photo with this camera is full of memories for me. It belonged to my grandfather and out of all the old cameras of his I have, this is one of the few that works. It is fun for quick snapshots, but I’ve also thought about bringing it with me when I travel sometimes because the instant printing is extra special to me.


Now, that I’ve got that out of my head I think it is time to go and make some photographs.

Writing about photography is fun, but taking photographs is even better.



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