Simplify - Focus - Attack

I over analyze things sometimes (always). It isn't like I'm looking for a deeper meaning or trying to talk myself out of something, but I just like to look at things from all sides. Plus, I have a hard time shutting down my brain so I love giving it stuff to chew on. A friend recently used the phrase "building up the brain muscles" and I think that fits in this case. I saw a meme floating around about the three words people had chosen for 2010. I didn't want to pick three and that is not the purpose of this post. But, as I began writing this I did keep thinking that over the last couple of weeks I have been doing three things over and over again. Guess what? It happens to be three words: Simplify, Focus and Attack.

Tools of My LifeAs I travel more, I've grown to appreciate simplifying the amount of gear I take with me. I'll admit that I've got a total bag fetish as I am constantly searching for the perfect travel bag and I have yet to find it.

Most of you know I go everywhere with a camera. That isn't going to change, but there are also times when I'm not in the mood to be lugging around my 50D. Yes, my iPhone helps because I love taking pictures with that, but I wanted something else in between the two.

I found it in the Canon S90 which I bought just before the end of the year and it is a powerful little camera. Anyone who enjoys being able to manually control things would love this camera and I'm certainly in love with it. Especially since it'll fit in a pants pocket without any problems.

I've also grown fond of bringing a Field Notes notebook with me wherever I go now (thanks again Julien, Jane & Clarence for the addiction). This allows me to write down things that come to mind and focuses me to think about projects I'm working on. I looked back through a full one and it was fun to see the mix of Campfire client work, with random rambles, sketches and show notes. Maybe that isn't being overly focused, but in my world it is. Write things down. You'd be amazed how much it helps you.

The final part is the one that I find the easiest and that is going out and doing what needs to get done. Attacking the problems. Making the clients happy. Achieving the goals you've set for the year. I was talking with a friend recently and we were pondering if the reason we were both "doers" is because of our blue collar upbringing. It is a valid theory, but it amazes me how many people prefer to just talk about things rather than actually attacking them and getting them done.

To boil it all down for you and for me, my year is mostly about Focus. That is the one word that I'm keeping on top of everything else. But, because I am who I am I need the others as well to help. Between Google Wave, my whiteboard, Basecamp and a few other places I'm keeping life in line and on track. And to anyone or anything standing in my way? Yeah, that isn't a good idea. Attacking can involve big sticks and I'm not afraid to swing them!

Get out there and get what you need to get done. The days of talking about it all are over. Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Need help? Let me know. I'll be over here kicking ass.

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