Finding Focus

There has been a lot going on around here lately. More then the usual stuff and it has been distracting me in a way I'm not use to going through. But, I'm starting to regain the focus I so craved. If I've missed replying to an e-mail or something you need from me, please feel free to nudge me a bit and I'll apologize now ahead of time. Over the weekend, the family was away and it gave me some time to focus. I cleaned off my desk, bought a new white board and started listing out everything that needed to get done. I don't follow any formal GTD philosophy, but I know that a clean desk and a clean whiteboard are signs of good things to come for me so I do what I do.

Blurry Blog HausHow do you find your focus?

For me, I needed some time alone with my thoughts to really narrow in on what I want to accomplish. I made a reference to it on Facebook the other day about having a new sniper scope set up and that is exactly how I see it.

Rather then a bunch of lofty goals that may never get done, I'm focusing on what I want to complete in the next 30 days. Sure, I still have that list of other things beyond that, but i want to focus on the immediate first and then get to those other things. I know they will come, but they don't have a time table that they have to happen against like other tasks.

I like that gMail has added in tasks which is already helping me. I just wish there was an integration with my iPhone in some way so that I could look at the list and complete. Amazing that I haven't found a task management software that integrates everywhere so that no matter what computer I'm on or if I'm mobile on my phone I can look and check off. Any suggestions?

Finding focus is a critical thing for personal success. Without focus we just sort of chug along and while we may move forward we are not really getting anywhere. I've found mine for the time being and I'm sure that it will get a little hazy and blurry, but then it will just be time for some adjusting. It is a never ending battle.

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