Enjoying Life?

Last night I had an amazing night with Friends. Names you would know and people you've heard of were there, but it was night not for sharing, tweeting or pictures. It was about laughs, friendship and support. It was the best time I've had in a long time and it reminded me yet again how lucky I am to be surrounded by good hearted people that care about each other. I came home filled with renewed focus and energy. While my eyes could barely stay opened I wanted to be sure to take it all in before falling asleep. A few more moments of quiet reflection is exactly what I needed before I fell asleep.

While the house was silent except for the noises of the night I took it all in. I savored it. I loved it. It made me smile.

I'm watching to many people around me not enjoying their lives. Sure, they think they are because they are going to conferences, writing blog posts or lunchboxing friends on the social tool du jour. But, are they really getting everything out of life that they can?

Dylan at the DoctorsLook at this kid. This is Dylan yesterday afternoon. Know where I took the picture? In the doctor's office after seeing a nurse and waiting for the doctor to come in and check him out. I say this because look at how happy and goofy he still is. He is enjoying life and as most kids will show you, they don't need technology and shiny toys to have a good time. They still know how to use their imaginations, play in the yard and make the most out of what they have.

It is Sunday morning and just like every week I get to start it off with a cup of coffee and the Sunday papers. Until 10:30 when CBS Sunday Morning ends, I don't move much from the couch except to refill my cup. I get so much happiness out of these quiet mornings surrounded by my family. The tradition of it all grounds me in the familiar vibe of my life. I love that.

The speed of our lives is not slowing down. The fire hose of information will continue to increase. It is up to each of us to find the important things in life and then enjoy them to the fullest. Cherish the quiet moments and not be scared of them.

Little conversations and moments of escape constantly remind me of this. I hope by sharing it helps you as well.

Are you enjoying life to the fullest?

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