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I love having so many friends now with books hitting store shelves and every time it makes me smile. Today, my buddy Steve Garfield's book Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business is out and if you have ever thought of making videos to share online this is a book to check out. [youtube][/youtube]

Get Seen by Steve GarfieldI've known Steve for a while and whenever I get stuck on anything video he is only an email or phone call away. Because of who he is, I know that it isn't just for friends that he is this way. Steve will help anyone who gets stuck and asks for help.

What I love about Steve is that he can take the most complex of video ideas and boil them down to the most simple of executions. He films nearly everything in his life and does it both for personal pleasure and is hired to produce corporate videos.

I know he has worked really hard on writing this book and making it readable by everyone. What I mean by that is somehow he has balanced it so if you are a complete newbie or someone who has been shooting videos for years you'll get some information and value out of the book. It also contains a variety of interviews with people who have been successful making online videos so you get to hear advice from a variety of individuals.

Steve is one of the original good guys and I'm excited for more people to read Get Seen because I hope it raises people awareness of Steve and how he can help them. Plus, maybe it'll help some people start making better videos. I know I've taken away a couple of tips from it to improve Emily Explains It so it has already proved more valuable to me then what I paid for it.

Buy a copy today wherever books are sold.

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