I'm Proud of You

Facebook makes it easy to "like" something. Twitter makes it simple to "retweet" something. I'm not sure what motivates everyone to do these things, but I do it with content that in some way touches me. Might be a really informative piece of writing or a video that I want others to see. In some cases it is something that just makes me laugh or that I want other people to be aware of.

But, when you say you are "proud" of what someone created that is a whole level of power and emotion.

In the past 48 hours I've had several people tell me that they were proud of something I've done. It touched me because it came from relatives and friends alike. The simple phrase of being proud of someone is a deeper level of commitment then simply clicking on a virtual thumbs up.

Have you told someone you are proud of them lately? Maybe you haven't felt that way, but when you do be sure to say it directly to the person. That simple pat on the back could be just the encouragement they needed to push forward and keep doing what they were doing.

Life is fun in that it seems to deliver these messages whenever I need them most. Chance? Fate? Random roll of the dice in the heavens? Who knows, but thank you all for the constant support and moments when I make you proud.

Personally, this morning I'm pretty damn proud of Managing the Gray #90. It isn't that often that a podcast will really make me smile, but this one did.

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