I'm Done Coloring

crayons.jpgThere comes times in of our lives when we have to make big decisions. Last weekend, I made one of my biggest when I called up Joseph and resigned from crayon. It is something that I have been thinking about for a few months and I decided that it was the right time to make a move. It was a year of learning for me. It certainly has not been an easy year, but it was a good one. We’ve shared some great times and I’ve worked on some amazing projects, but it became clear to me that I needed to leave in order to grow personally and professionally. It wasn’t something I decided on quickly, but I know that it is the right decision. Of that I am sure.

So what am I going to do now?

That I’m still figuring out, but I do know that I’m excited to spread my wings and get out there and help a lot of great people and companies. I’m going to go it alone for a while and embrace the freelancer lifestyle. If you or your company are looking for someone to come in and help out let me know. Need a new media strategy developed for you? Need a facilitated brainstorm full of creative ideas? Just want someone to advise on how to engage the social media community? All of those and more I can handle. Just drop me an e-mail and we can figure it out from there.

Also, when I announced to the company that I was leaving, Steve Coulson made a similar decision. I very much respect Steve and we've gotten to be good friends with him so I'm hoping that I will get the chance to work with him again. Hell, I'd love to work with most any of the crayonistas again if the opportunity presented itself.

This also means I’ll finally be able to get some focused time writing my book. I've been neglecting it for way to long and I look forward to some time locked away writing.

I’ve also got some great speaking opportunities happening before the end of the year and I hope to pick up some more as well. Public speaking is something I've always loved doing. Must be from my years on stage in the theater.

I wish nothing but success to the gang at crayon. They’ve got an interesting thing going on and it’ll be fun to watch from the sidelines to see where they go from here.

I'm going to be at Tech Cocktail Boston tonight and then off to PodCamp Philly for the weekend tomorrow so I might a bit slower then usual responding to e-mails, but you know that is the best way to reach me.

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