PodCamp Philly This Weekend

I'm going. Are you? podcamp_philly_138w_v_blk.gifI had planned on going and not doing any presenting. Truly go with nothing to focus on besides meeting great people and seeing old friends. But, then I got asked to be on two different presentations. How could I say no? One is on high impact new media and the other is on book publishing in this new playground we all enjoy playing it. Should be a great time.

I'm jumping on the train early tomorrow morning and enjoying a nice ride down to Philadelphia. I haven't been there since I was a little kid, so I don't remember it at all. You can be sure that unlike at SLCC, here I will have a camera strapped to my hand and be snapping off photos at an alarming rate. Hopefully John Swords remembers my back up memory card I gave him at SLCC when he started shooting photos and then realized he didn't have a card in the camera. *grin*

Best part is that I'm staying with people like Whitney Hoffman and Drew Olanoff, which alone makes the trip worth it. But, I'm sure a couple of cheesesteaks and a PILE of great conversations will make it even better.

If you are there and see me, come on up and say hi. I'm the most laid back, easy going, approachable guy I know.

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