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I love helping friends embrace social media. I talk about it all the time and it is a passion of mine so of course if a friend asks for advice I give it instantly. When a friend approached me about helping them get the word out about we got talking. I want it to very clear that I'm working with the team behind this podcast. Full disclosure here because you might hear me talk about it again in the future and I want complete transparency. That is how things should work in social media right?

Start CookingI had a great chat with the host Kathy Maister the other day on the phone about why she does this podcast. If I was going to be helping out I wanted to know more about the woman in front of the camera.

We instantly connected because I do all the cooking in our house and am always looking for new ways to make quick recipes for the family. As much as I love cooking big ellaborate meals, on a weeknight after a long day working I just don't have the time. Kathy stressed to me that her goal was to showcase that cooking is fun and easy and that anyone can do it. I love that. Plus, her cheery spirt totally made me smile and I told her how to make Onion Soup Porkchops which has been a favorite around the Chapman household for a long time. She gave me a recipe for pork chops that I know is going to be on a future episode and I'm curious to try.

There are a lot of cooking podcasts out there, but I'm really impressed with the production value of these episodes. Not quite video, not quite stop motion animation. You really have to see it to get what I'm saying.

I had Laura check out a few episodes to get her opinion and she already told me that we have to make the Lasagna recipe except with meat instead of spinach and that she wants me to make her Onion Soup sometime. I'm not a fan of onion soup so I'll have to let her tell you how it is. Personally I can't wait to try microwaving Salmon because I NEVER thought about cooking fish in a microwave, but it looks very easy and damn tasty!

I've always been a fan of cooking and love teaching people how easy it is. I think that is why I liked Kathy so much and I can't wait till we actually sit down over coffee and something yummy. We are both so busy right now that we haven't had a chance to make that happen, but I'm looking forward to it.

Of course you can subscribe via iTunes or there is a video feed and blog feed as well if this seems like something you'd dig. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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